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Barcelonesa Food Ingredients is a Food Tech company of the Group Barcelonesa, based in Barcelona, in Group Barcelonesa Headquarters.

We are specialized in providing sodium reduction solutions to the Food Industry to help our clients reduce sodium content in their applications achieving sodium reductions from 30 to 100%.

Barcelonesa Food Ingredients:

  • A clear philosophy of offering differentiated and high value products.
  • A strong and experimented R&D in low sodium reduction.
  • Different mixing options thanks to industrial partnerships.

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Group Barcelonesa was founded in 1942.

It is one of the major food additives and chemical ingredients distributor in Spain and the Mediterranean countries, with trading activities in more than 50 countries.

Nowadays it employs more than 250 persons with a turnover of more than 90M€.

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Group Barcelonesa deals with a very large portfolio of ingredients:

Amino acids Filtration agents
Anti-caking agents Clarifying agents
Antioxidants Sources of calcium
Preservatives Fermentation nutrients
Emulsifiers Flavour enhancers
Stabilisers Starches
Phosphates Special flours
Leavening agents Alginates
Hydrocolloids Vegetal proteins
Wetting agents Mineral salts
PH control agents Carrageenans




Our range of products is in constant evolution and always in advance of competition. We are now offering the most advanced sodium reduced salts on the market.

Barcelonesa Food Ingredients offers a wide range of reduced sodium solutions in collaboration with an expert in this field: Mr Sergio Mutti.

Mr Mutti, was marketing manager for a leading salt producer in Switzerland where he launched the first sodium reduced salt 17 years ago, still sold in Switzerland.

Recently acted as consultant for the natural salt market leader in the United States - for the development of their low sodium salts range.


Barcelonesa Food Ingredients offers different low sodium salts recipes to food and pharma industrials:

Different sodium reduction grades:

  • -30% sodium
  • -50% sodium
  • -66% sodium
  • -80% sodium
  • -100 sodium

Specialty Health Low Sodium Salts (for the pharma industry):

  • Low sodium with essential marine minerals
  • Cardiovascular health low salts with enzyme Q10
  • Bone health low salts with Vitamin D3 and C
  • Digestive health low salts with Calcium carbonate and Artichoke extract 

Industrial Low Sodium Salts:

  • Low sodium salt with sea salt and marine potassium chloride
  • Low sodium salt with natural flavouring
  • Low sodium with added nitrite


Our compounds are produced either in our production plant based near Barcelona (Spain) with ISO 9001, or in blending facilities of our industrial partners with ISO 22000, FSCC 22000, Kosher and Halal.