The most advanced sodium reduction option in the market

Although many developments have been undertaken over the last years, chloride potassium is the most adequate ingredient when it comes to substitute the common salt. Nevertheless if it is used in quite important percentage in food recipes it delivers bitterness flavour.

Our Range of Na-Reduktean Salts is based on chloride potassium and offers a very efficient solution to sodium reduction with excellent results in flavour, texture and shelf life, over -50% sodium reduction. 

  • Na-REDUKTEAN® 30 (-30% Sodium)

  • Na-REDUKTEAN® 50 (-50% Sodium)

  • Na-REDUKTEAN® 66 (-66% Sodium)

  • Na-REDUKTEAN® 80 (-80% Sodium)

  • Na-REDUKTEAN® 100 (0% Sodium)

  • Na-REDUKTEAN® NIT 0,3% 50 (-50% Sodium with 0,3% Nitrite)

  • Na-REDUKTEAN® NIT 0,6% 50 (-50% Sodium with 0,6% Nitrite)

  • Na-REDUKTEAN® IOD. 50 (Iodized -50% Sodium)

  • Na-REDUKTEAN® CURE 30 (Coarse Salt 2 -30% Sodium)

  • Na-REDUKTEAN® CURE 50 (Coarse Salt 2 -50% Sodium)


We achieve very good results in different food categories because:

  • we select natural ingredients
  • we blend in an optimal way
  • we developed a very efficient bitterness masking agent




  • Chloride Potassium: very pure, 99,4% KCl. Poor mineral content. 
  • Chloride Sodium: very pure, 99,5% NaCl. Poor mineral content. Sea origin: Mediterranean Sea.
  • Bitterness Inhibitor: natural flavouring. Vegetal origin.

We have implemented a special process to blend our salts. This enables us a more precise distribution of all ingredients together.

Natural flavouring with very effective bitterness masking. Vegetal origin.